Artwork Available for Purchase:

For inquiries on purchasing original artwork displayed in the 6 galleries, contact the artist.

Portraits done in oils, watercolor or pencil, are created from photographs provided by customers. Arrangements can be made for photographic sessions by artist. Portrait designs vary according to customer requirements and artist's judgment. Please contact artist to discuss design ideas. Client satisfaction is highest priority.

Archival Quality Iris Giclee Prints

Artworks featured below are available as limited edition prints. These museum quality prints use archival organic inks printed on 100% cotton canvas. UV light retardants provide long lasting colors. Each print is signed by the artist. Two sizes are available for each image. Medium size
is $125 and large size is $200. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Suggestions for prints of other images in the galleries will be considered according to demand.

Children's books available for purchase:

"The Stories of Krishna" is a series of three volumes adapted from the Bhagawat Purana, which are ancient Vedic literature thousands of years old describing the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna and his devotees.

Each hardboard book measures 9" x 11" and has approximately 100 pages with 50 illustrations by various artists. Some of the artworks featured in the Vedic gallery are printed in these volumes.

Each volume is $12, plus shipping.
A full set of 3 volumes is $35, plus shipping.

The five stories from ancient India have blue soft bound covers with 16 pages of black and white line art.
The full set of five books is $15, plus shipping.

Click on each book to read descriptions of the story.